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Theresa M Kalfas

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Get Girls To Love The Skin They're In!

Please help individuals everywhere. through this campaign. through local groups. schools. pay attention. watch forthe signs. Don't be afraid to reach out and show you care... you may litarally be the only person who ever does. Teach them their worth. Help them to be strong and confident in themselves and not NEEED others to validate them. They have to love and validate themseves first before they can have healthy successful relationships with others. they may push you away and HARD but just encourage and no matter what don't walk away. it will enforce the negative views or others. that noone cares and they are not worth. please help them feel their worth.

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Jill Krenek

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Get Girls To Love The Skin They're In!

I am 54 yrs old and still am haunted on a daily basis by the remnants of an eating disorder that manifested when I was 19 yrs old. I do believe it began as soon as I was old enough to grasp that I had a body and that beautiful and loveable bodies were thin...or so it me. It is difficult to comprehend the total annihilation of a life and family that these disorders cause. Those that watched and prayed for me during my darkest hours (years) know that I have survived and overcome so much (through sheer Grace and probably a few miracles) and I am so grateful! Yet at times I cannot help but wonder if all that ferocious energy, a lifetime of energy, had been poured into something else, what positive thing might have been accomplished? I know too many women...friends,sisters,neighbors,strangers you happen to fall into conversation with...too many women and even men that hide in the shadows of their own lives because they are unhappy with their appearance. It is so much more work for adults to change harmful attitudes and beliefs that have developed over time. So much easier to fortify children instead so they aren't so vulnerable to things such as what the media is saying women or men should look like. Please please sign this thankyou card to Jennifer Lawerence of the Hunger Games. This job of "fortifying our youth, our children" is heck of a lot easier when their iconic role models are out there supporting that effort. If we get enough signatures the card will go to her home in KY. In an interview Jennifer said that she purposely decided not to lose weight before filming the Hunger Games because she saw this as a wonderful opportunity to be a great role model for young people -to use the world stage so that kids could begin the journey back to being comfortable in their own skin. Please sign so the Jennifer will know how grateful we are. It took a lot of courage for such a young woman to have stood her ground against the pressure of Hollywood, but it took huge unselfishness to have not given in to the tempation of dropping just a little weight for good measure. Please sign and pass on to anyone you know because they will know someone affected by this.

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