Friends of Animals, founded in 1957, advocates for the right of animals to live free according to their own terms.

Founded in 1957, Friends of Animals (“FoA”) is a non-profit organization working to
cultivate respect for the interests of all animals in living on their own terms. FoA has active members throughout North America and beyond.

From its beginning in 1957, FoA has facilitated low-cost altering to prevent births of domestic dogs and cats and, in turn, to prevent shelter killings. Every autumn, we launch a fresh and dynamic campaign to encourage people to pass up fur garments and build a peaceful wardrobe. Concurrent with our anti-hunting campaigns, we publish up-to-date, practical guides to explain the tremendous benefits of, and facilitate adjustment to, a pure vegetarian diet.

We work to transcend the traditional conservation perspective which sees animals
as either resources or predators to be controlled rather than beings with inherent
and individual worth. And because we envision a society capable of transcending the
paradigm in which controlling groups terrorize vulnerable groups, we know that meaningful change must come through peaceful action.

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