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Empowering the economically disadvantaged children of Denizli through Bridge to Turkiye Fund's philanthropic channels.

Despite Denizli’s remarkable economic development in the last decades, many families of limited means are still struggling to provide their children with the resources to put them through school. Sadly, in most cases, it is the most deserving students who are lacking the opportunities to a quality college-bound education.

The primary goal of this group is to provide micro-scholarships to Denizli’s economically disadvantaged students. Under BTF’s Micro-Scholarships Program, a donor is partnered with a student who has a proven academic record of high achievement. Starting at 25-35 YTL ($20-30 USD), these modest monthly stipends are designed to meet students’ educational expenses. Remarkably, this small sum is enough to build the bridge to each student’s dream.

Repayment responsibilities are honor based personal contracts. With this program, we hope to enable people of all means to make a profound and positive impact on the lives of others and build lasting meaningful relationships.

Our secondary goal is to support schools that seek funding for viable educational and capital improvement projects that will enable them to create more positive learning environments for their students.

In 2007, BTF provided boots, coats and backpacks to 98 students of the Çamlıbel İlk Öğretim Okulu (İ.Ö.O.) Last year, BTF’s support to the school continued with a marble facade coating made possible by Subaşıoğlu Mermer, a caring company in Denizli, and the Washington DC Turkish Folk Dance Troupe.

2008 also marked the awarding of BTF’s first micro-scholarships in Denizli. The deserving recipients were Gökhan Çonaş, a 5th grader at the Çamlıbel İ.Ö.O., and Gamze Duru, an 8th grader at the Kalınkoz İ.Ö.O.

Today, we are proud to launch 2009’s first capital improvement project in Denizli, in partnership with BTF. The project includes a playground installation for the students of the Kutlubey Şehit Er Atakan Caran İ.Ö.O. and a carpet replacement for its preschool classroom.

Located in the district of Bekilli, the Kutlubey Şehit Er Atakan Caran İ.Ö.O. serves 120 students and employs eight full-time teachers.

We are looking for like-minded individuals and institutions that can help us bring these much-needed improvements to the Kutlubey Şehit Er Atakan Caran İ.Ö.O.

Please help us spread the word, and join our effort by making a contribution to BTF today.

1. We are dedicated to helping the children of Denizli realize their full potential and fulfill their aspirations of a better future.

2. By promoting principles of good citizenship, we hope to bring friends and expatriates of Denizli together to improve the lives of our children.

3. With BTF as our philanthropic bridge to Denizli, we also hope to support the impressive work being carried out by our trusted Turkish NGO partners.

4. We are founded on the belief that ordinary people of modest means can do extraordinary things - especially when we do it together.

5. A 100 % volunteer-run organization with minimal overhead, BTF ensures that donors receive the most benefit from their charitable dollars.

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