is to explore and understand the world of mentally handicapped children

Our mission is to explore and understand the world of mentally handicapped children; to identify their language, psychology, science and sociology; to find the means by which we can relate and communicate; to find a way to bridge the gap between our world and theirs by developing services and programs in order to provide them with the desire, knowledge and ability to integrate and participate fully in society."

We at the Help Center firmly believe that every child is a unique creation of God the Almighty and is entitled to a fair chance in life.

We provide extensive support and guidance to all family members, through regular meetings as well as home visits, to assist the families to cope with their mentally disabled child.

It is through the commitment and dedication of the Help Center team that all children are provided with
an Individualized Treatment Plan which aims to enable each child to reach full potential, both mentally and physically. Our ultimate goal is to see our children enjoy the most independence possible.

We believe that the Parents should be involved in the planning of the Individualized Treatment Plan.

All Help Center employees work as part of a multi-disciplinary team. We also coordinate with other professionals in the fields of medicine and education in order to provide ultimate care to our children.

Our ultimate goal is to see each of our children grow into a person who can enjoy as much independence as possible and assume a rightful place in society.

1. Your child will need a lot of help His progress may be slow He may not seem to accomplish much He may not even laugh or play His thoughts may seem so far away In many ways he won't adapt And he'll be known as handicapped You may not realize right away th

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