In 1915, the USDA created the Wildlife Services to manage wildlife, protect humans from immediate animal threats and maintain a balance in our nation’s ecosystems. But recent investigations have discovered that the Wildlife Services failing in all three categories.

Their “management” of wildlife in the last decade has amounted to the slaughter of over 50,000 non-threatening animals from over 150 species. Each case serves as an example of their unregulated sloppiness, including the thousands of pet deaths caused by unreported cyanide traps set in residential neighborhoods.

Federally protected species are fair game as well, with protected birds like the bald and golden eagles dying in poorly placed traps meant for other game. The investigation even revealed cover-ups of these incidents, with high level officials encouraging agency employees not to report their mistakes. It’s animal killing run amok.

But perhaps the most dangerous example of their ineptitude is the ten human deaths resulting from their practice of killing coyotes via low-flying planes.

As the agency’s founder and funder, it is the USDA’s responsibility to make sure the Wildlife Services is accountable for its actions and policies. Please join us in demanding that the USDA reshape the Wildlife Services into a more humane and viable operation moving forward, turning it back into a program that helps animals more than it hurts.

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