to create an awareness of the injustice brought about by the United States Government against Leonard Peltier; to make an effort to stop the unfair treatment of American Indians.

Leonard Peltier was a founding member of AIM - the American Indian Movement. He was involved in the protests at the Lakota Pine Ridge Indian Resevation beginning in February 1973. Following the protests, several acts of violence were committed, including the murders of two AIM leaders. In 1975, two FBI agents chased a car onto the reservation, greeted by an array of bullets leading to their deaths. Leonard Peltier was falsely accused of these these murders, even with solid evidence proving his innocence. He has been held in prison illegally since February 6, 1976, serving two life sentences. His case was on President Clinton's desk to be granted clemency, but at word of this, another FBI officer protested it and the President never got to it.

“Our work will be unfinished until not one human being is hungry or battered, not one single person is forced to die in war, not one innocent languishes imprisoned and no one is persecuted for his or her beliefs."
-Leonard Peltier

Peltier's legal team in is need of donations for travel, service fees, reporting services, etc. to continue aiding Peltier in his plea for freedom. You can help him get there not just by donating, but by signing petitions for his release and writing letters to Congress, Senators, and Representatives. You can make a difference if you only take the time.

"I thank you for caring. Were it not for the compassionate people, all hope for the future would be lost. You can't know how good it feels to know that, after [over] 30 years, you're still with me. (smile) Thank you."
-Leonard Peltier


2. All citizens of the United States deserve the right to an appeal, especially on injustice such as this.

3. It is our duty as good citizens to support those who have been very wrongly mistreated.

4. We should respect the rights and cultures of all people.


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