I'm appalled with how this poor animal was treated!!! Why!?! Animal cruelty is written on this video. This "officer of the law", not only caused the act, he left the owner and many people (watching on as it happened) scarred for life. This made emotionally and physically sick! This bastard needs to…Read More

My dogs are family to me. They have been by my side through some very rough times, and have helped nurse me to health when I have been…Read More

Fire the officer responsible for shooting Max

With the current trend by the police in regards to deadly force with animals I strongly believe that something needs to be done before a human gets in between the bullet and the dog. Even children will protect their pets and there are other ways for officers to protect themselves ... like giving…Read More

This was such a needless death of a loyal dog. The officer was way to quick to fire multiple times to kill the dog. I believe that there are many police that mistreat their authority and use it for personal ego building. There needs to be much more screening and training done.

This was one of the most disturbing things I have seen. How can we trust police if they are so ruthless and cannot control themselves in stressful situations? This gentle dog should not have been killed. No argument. This officer must go!

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