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Tell Congress To Stop Denying Abortion Coverage

*ONLY 54 SIGNATURES NEEDED NOW**!! Every year, politicians in Congress deny abortion coverage for women who get their insurance or health care through the Federal Government. They're interfering with a woman's decision-making, putting abortion out of reach for many. Denying Medicaid coverage of abortion forces one in four low-income women to carry an unwanted pregnancy to term. However they feel about abortion**, politicians shouldn't be allowed to deny a woman's health coverage just because she's poor*. Now, it is time to say, "Enough!". To make a real decision best based on her circumstances, a woman needs to be able to afford care. It's time for Congress to take Action. Join Us*!! Tell Congress to Lift the ban on abortion coverage. Signed, All Above All*. There are too many*myriad reasons as to why this Cause is so very important & essential as to basic human-namely female-bodily, & Many Other Basic human rights, Wholly...this may be a *hot topic in some minds & circles. But, for the sake of Constitution, free Rights* regarding one's Body &/or Mind+, & SO much More, this is plainly an obvious situation/debate*; whereas assumably 'hatred of human life'pro-life', etc, Does Not(!!!!) Mean nil. This is a Basic Human Right over one's(Your*!!) Body Regarding the indelible Right to have inalienable, unquestionable authority over such. Others have words which illuminate thus as such; such as This bit by Hillary Lehr***Plz Read On*TY*--> "I cannot even believe that Congress is trying to pass a bill that forces* women to recount their rape* to the IRS, & then allows the *IRS* to determine if the rape or assault 'Counts' for a Medical Deduction for Abortion Services*. And, that is only the tip of the iceberg for HR7*. It is Literally the most Ludicrous thing I have Heard* this Year*. We CAN & MUST STOP this ABSURD*, OFFENSIVE BILL*!!!" Thank you all.

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