Here are the wishes for May:

This is Kerry's birthday and anniversary wish: "This is one of the last pictures of my Pandora, taken on my birthday. Both of our birthdays were in May, and so was her death. Pandora developed FIP when she was nearly two and was enrolled in the early studies for polyprenyl immunostimulant. Though she only got a little extra time from PI, I know her results have helped other beloved cats facing this terrible illness. I support further FIP research in hopes that one day no more pets and their people will have to go through the heartbreak of fighting FIP.

I thought of adopting an adult cat at her shelter, but this sweet little kitten was the one who loved me so much and wouldn't leave me alone. When I came back the next day with a carrier and a ride, she was still very insistent about being my kitty. Another kitten was being friendly and getting pets from me, and Pandie squeezed herself in between the kitten and me as if to remind me, 'I am yours and you are mine.' We stopped at a store to pick up some stuff for her, and my friend said that when I was returning and came in sight of the car, Pandie became happy and calm. 

I hesitated a long time over the right name for her, called her 'Sweetie' while I was debating, and finally settled on Pandora. I love mythological names, and she resembled a childhood cat of my mother by the same name, down to the little white locket on her throat and white patch on her belly. She was such a little spitfire. She was ferocious with my kitty Luka at first, tackling and biting and kicking him, so he bleated like a little lamb and ran away, until he figured out he was big enough to play-fight back with her. Then they became buddies and she calmed down. 

She had to be quarantined when I first brought her home, so I brought in pillows from the glider and blankets and would sometimes sleep in the bathtub with her. She slept curled against my side with her paws braced on my arm and continued to do this through her life. On the almost-last night of her life, I took her from her little cave built in the bottom of the bathroom closet/cupboard and let her spend the night with me. I remember how her spiky claws in her soft velvet paws felt against my arm. 

One of Pandora's nicknames was 'Little Velvet' because her fur was so incredibly soft. Her favorite toy was the laser pointer, and she would chase it around and around in circles. One time I let her play so long that when she fell down, she was panting like a little dog! When she rode in her carrier, she always wrapped herself up in her blanket like a burrito. I don't have many pictures of her, and none of us together, but she left such soft pawprints on my heart. With her soft little paws, she crossed the rainbow bridge on Mother's Day, 2010, one week after this picture."

In memory of Bria and far too many, much loved and missed fur angels, if you are able, please make a contribution to our FB Support FIP Research Cause. You can also donate through the Winn Feline Foundation via PayPal, credit card, electronic transfer, or through the mail by check. Regardless of the method, please designate the Bria Fund for your donation. A donation of any amount is greatly appreciated.Thank you for fighting the war against FIP.  We are a Mighty Army, and Together, we will end FIP!

Susan and the other Cause Administrators, LuAnn, Marleen, Julie and Kelly

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