About the campaign to

Rape Is Never Justified

is to be a nationwide support system for rape survivors and to raise the awareness of rape.

Rape is Never Justified™ is a movement built to help, both, victims and survivors of sexual abuse and rape to find their voice and speak out. I think the most unique thing about RNJ is that, as a staff, we don't encourage you to report your act of violence, we don't encourage you to talk with anyone-professionals included, and we don't encourage you to turn to a Higher Power/religion to become a survivor. We only encourage you to fight when you're ready and willing- and we want to be here along the way.

Further information can be found at www.rapeisneverjustified.org.

1. Be a support system for every rape victim, rape survivor, friends, and family of victim(s)

2. Gain awareness to an everyday event.

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