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This photo essay from The New York Times offers some perspective on the scale of the Syrian refugee crisis. Every day more and more…Read More

The Historic Scale of Syria’s Refugee Crisis

RWANDA, 1994 Gilles Peress/Magnum Photos KOSOVO, 1999 Cristina Garcia Rodero/Magnum Photos IRAQ, 2007 Joachim Ladefoged/VII According to the United Nations, the flood of Syrian refugees is comparable to the crises caused by the war and sectarian violence in Iraq and by the conflicts that accompanied the breakup of Yugoslavia. Iraq…Read More

National Catholic Register interviews two Catholic Relief staff who discuss the daily hardships for Syrian refugees who have fled the…Read More

Syrian Refugees Suffer the Hardships of a Protracted Civil War

Jim Stipe
6-year-old Khal stands in an informal refugee settlement for Syrian refugees in Lebanon. Photo by Sam Tarling for CRS National Catholic Register interviewed two CRS staff to get their first-hand account of the hardships Syrian refugees face every day while they try to survive, having fled the violence in their home country. From National…Read More

Humanitarian Organizations are Stretching Resources Thin in Order to Provide for the Essential Needs of Syrian Refugees.

Agencies Stretching to Meet Needs of Syrian Refugees

Jim Stipe
From Catholic News Service: WASHINGTON (CNS) — Governments and nongovernmental agencies are struggling to keep up with the needs and pressures created by the displacement of nearly a third of Syria’s population because of the country’s civil war. Assistance to the refugees and displaced people is coming from around the world, although resources…Read More

Listen to CRS Executive Vice President Joan Rosenhauer Describe Her Recent Visit with Refugees:

CRS World Report: Visiting Syrian Refugees in Lebanon

Jim Stipe
A Syrian refugee family rides in a vehicle to a temporary medical clinic run by Caritas Lebanon, a CRS partner. Photo courtesy of Sam Tarling for Caritas Switzerland Syrian refugees are pouring across borders and leaving everything behind. In Jordan and Lebanon, women, children and elderly people describe terrible events. They can’t sleep at…Read More
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