Hey CCI Members!

Ok, so we have two days to raise over $700.. seems a bit unrealistic. But I would definitely love to see us at least break $500, or even raise our total contributions to $2000 (we're already at $1738!!).

Also, keep recruiting members.. we're almost at 4000!!

Also, special thanks…Read More


Thank you so much for donating so much and so quickly to our fantastic furry friends. The last time we had a fundraising goal there were so few of us that we could hardly even make $100 in three months.. but with this fundraising goal…Read More

Hey guys! We just got our 500th member! So, in honor of that accomplishment, let's see if we can't also reach our fundraising goal of $500.

We've got 78 days left so hopefully if everyone just donates $10 we'll make that goal! It's really not too much to give and it would make a huge difference in…Read More

Apparently you can't donate less than $10.
I tried to donate $1.27, which is 500/395(#of members), but it wouldn't let me.. so I was like "what the hey, 10 bucks isn't so much.."

So yeah, now you have to donate at least $10.. but that shouldn't be a problem cause I know you all just love CCI so…Read More

We now have a fundraising goal!
See below for more info..