Northern Uganda has faced immense adversity in the past decade. The LRA has wreaked havoc on this region and stunted the region's growth. But now that the LRA is gone, lasting partnerships and integrated community development (education, water, health care, etc) are turning these communities…Read More

Thanks to everyone who took my dam quiz! I was also moved when I learned that some Kenyans have to walk 35 miles for water, which is why I'm doing something more about it.

YOU can help protect thousands of people from future droughts in Kenya! Join me and my Lemon:Aid Warriors by "Giving a Dam"…Read More

Hi friends, Our friend, 13-year old Lemon:Aid Warrior Lulu, has recently learned about the drought conditions that plagued our friends in…Read More

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Dear Friends, 

This is the last week in 2011 to make your  year-end tax-deductible gift ( and ensure we meet our commitments to…Read More

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