We have great news. Next month, one of you will go to Lesotho in southern Africa to see the front lines of the fight against HIV. 

gt;This is a rare chance for you to see the life-saving work undertaken by those in the field and explore a beautiful country few people get to visit.


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What’s your (RED) Facebook story? Tell us at http://f.joinred.com/Vmi.

Here’s ours: Every day 3,800 people in sub-Saharan Africa die from AIDS and on Dec 1 2009, World AIDS Day, we watched in awe as people from around the world came together to turn Facebook (RED). You uploaded (RED) icons as your…Read More

Major news. Paul McCartney is throwing his support behind The Global Fund's Born HIV Free campaign.   The Global Fund channels all (RED) money to AIDS programs in Africa, including programs to prevent HIV transmission to babies, so every child can be born HIV-free.  

Paul McCartney is streaming…Read More

Without leaving your seat, or spending a penny, you can help ensure 400,000 children every year are no longer infected by HIV. All you need to do is sign the petition (http://bit.ly/ccQvpd) featured on our cause asking your government to fund treatments that will prevent mother to child…Read More

Tune-in tonight to see THE LAZARUS EFFECT a film by (RED), HBO and Anonymous Content directed by Lance Bangs and executive produced by Spike Jonze.

THE LAZARUS EFFECT follows the story of people in Africa with HIV/AIDS who go from near death to health in as few as 40 days if they gain access to…Read More

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