to promote awareness about the AIDS epidemic in Africa.

The AIDS epidemic has been plaguing the continent of Africa for years. As the death toll escalates, we may begin to think about what is going to be done to fix this horrid problem. Imagine this... cries of agony and anguish, an ever- present sense of hopelessness and helplessness... Where are we to start? Well, awareness will be a great beginning. Become advocates for Product (RED). Additionally, it is possible to donate or support this cause by visiting your local Gap stores.
Be Ado(red)
Be Admi(red)
Be Hono(red)
Be Inspi(red)

Catch My Drift?...

1. Health care is a universal right: NO LIMITATIONS

2. AIDS is a problem that must be fixed rapidly, because it's killing humanity.

3. The cure for AIDS must be found soon.

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