About the campaign to

National Wildlife Federation

To inspire Americans to protect wildlife for their children's future.

The mission of the National Wildlife Federation is to educate, inspire and assist individuals and organizations of diverse cultures to conserve wildlife and other natural resources and to protect the Earth's environment in order to achieve a peaceful, equitable and sustainable future.

NWF works at the local, state, national and even international level to protect and restore endangered species, enhance habitat protection and land stewardship, and combat global warming. Our programs reach millions with the knowledge, expert conservation assistance and tools they need to make a difference in their own communities and on a much larger scale.

Educational outreach efforts, from "Ranger Rick" and other kids publications to campus workshops, our Backyard, Schoolyard and Community Wildlife Habitat Programs, distance learning initiatives and TV and film programs help plant the seeds of conservation stewardship in people from all walks of life. When those seeds blossom with a desire to make a difference, NWF helps people move from conservation understanding to action.

1. Protect wildlife and wild habitat.

2. Combat global warming.

3. Educate and engage the public.

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