This article included what other articles left out -- the family's response to the autopsy report. Our position is that Kyam died due to…Read More

Brooklyn woman dies at hands of NYPD, family sues

Kyam Livingston’s family was joined by protestors in front of the US District Court in Brooklyn on Monday, demanding answers to why she was denied medical attention for several hours in an NYPD holding cell three months ago. Our New York Correspondent Vasili Sushko reports. Download audio file “This is my daughter, she didn't deserve this. I…Read More

This campaign matters because human life matters and should be treated with respect!

Thanks to David Galarza Santa for helping us reach out to our Spanish speaking friends.

If we as citizen are held accountable for our actions, these that holds offices, should be even more held accountable, not judge a person or a situation before finding the facts. This world is in turmoil, we need more love shown towards One another. And not just during a special holiday or season.…Read More

I feel because it's the right thing to do and we as people need to stand up for owl people as one voice.

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