If we as citizen are held accountable for our actions, these that holds offices, should be even more held accountable, not judge a person or a situation before finding the facts. This world is in turmoil, we need more love shown towards One another. And not just during a special holiday or season.…Read More

I feel because it's the right thing to do and we as people need to stand up for owl people as one voice.

No mother should have to go through this type of pain and lack of closure. #WEWANTTHENAMES!

We are innocent until proven guity. No one should be treated with distegard towards their health or safety while waiting to see the judge. The disregard for life exhibited by police should never "ever" happen again!

Anyone could end up in Brooklyn Central Bookings, even something as simple as a parking ticket still marked as unpaid can cause you to end up detained by police. We know its not a hotel, but a prison; still, you don't have to die there or be treated like an animal while you wait to see a judge.