Save a Child! Give the gift of safe, clean water!

Bringing Clean Water to Ghana Communities!

Clean Water Foundation needs your support to raise $55,000 to fund a pilot clean water project in Ghana, W. Africa!

The woman cried. Her month's supply of clean water was gone because a tourist thought he was doing her a favor by draining her bathtub.

As the woman told her story, Leon McLaughlin of Seattle knew something had to be done for her and the millions of children around the world.

UNICEF estimates that two million children die each year from water-borne illnesses that could be largely stopped with access to safe, clean water.

An enterprenuer and shoeshine stand operator by day, Leon's passion is bringing clean water to the world's children and their families. He had an idea – develop a snap-together purification system that could be deployed anywhere. Working with humanitarian agency World Vision and others, Leon's system was a life-saver after devastating floods in Bolivia.

To fulfill his global mission, Leon created the Clean Water Foundation.

Today Clean Water Foundation intends to undertake pilot clean water projects in three communities located in Ghana. A total of 1.1 million gallons of water will be purified at the three proposed project sites. This works out to approx. 3,000 persons that will benefit annually from the pilot projects.  Clean Water Foundation expects positive health outcomes such as a reduction in diarrhea and dysentery cases.

Admittedly, the plan is ambitious. But we will get there, thanks to your commitment and  help. Our Rewards to you:

* Every donor's name will be listed on CWF website as a supporter.

*  For a donation of $50 you will receive CWF music CD

*  For a donation of $100 you will receive a T-shirt with CWF logo and music CD

 * For a donation of $12,000 the water system will be named after you and all of the above

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About Clean Water Foundation

Clean Water Foundation is a registered Washington-based non-profit 501( c)(3) organization dedicated to bringing safe, clean water to children in developing countries and those hit by natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes and similar life-threatening events. To learn more about Clean Water Foundation visit website is at:

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