Because family members matter lots

I joined the Military as Aircrew. After 3.5yrs flying on helicopters, including the Puma, I cannot remember there being one type, model of helicopter that suffered so many 'accidents', system failures. This 'problem' with the Super Puma is costing lives and totally unacceptable!

One person hurt or killed is one too many. As we have seen it is already too many. My thoughts are with the families of the people who sadly lost their lives and to all who survived this horrible tradgedy. Is everyone who makes it offshore in these choppers also survivors?

I spent 5 years of my life flying backwards and forwards to oil rigs in the early 90's on Super Puma Helicopters. The gear boxes on these helicopters were known to be dodgy back then but nothing too serious happened that was made public. Now 20 years on these things are past their sell by and are…Read More

My husband works offshore i dont so i dont know the ins and outs of it but i do know he's lost a few friends over the last few years due to súper pumas ... I do not see why i should have to worry about his flights everytime he goes or comes back from work .... Now he phones when he gets there and…Read More

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