Support Young Governors and empower youth to become leaders who invest in their community. And help my dream to continue...

"Empowering communities by empowering youth." 

I started this program in March 2011. Young Governors is a youth organizing program that hires and trains community teens to address issues in their community. Teens are hired as Community Organizers and paid by stipend to implement projects aimed to improve a community issue that they have identified. Most of the money raised will go towards teen stipends. This year, my teen staff have totally taken over! This has freed me to focus on leadership development and fundraising. And allowed me to take a fulltime job (with benefits and stuff, woohoo!)

"Equipping youth with the tools they need to create positive change with their peers, families, community, and the world."
Through this program model, youth will be seen as the vehicles for change in the community, instead of the problem, as is often the case in today's society. They will be empowered to be the advocates, organizers, and educators among their peers through workshops, projects, and service.

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