…for TruHappiness

  Every year we celebrate Diwali - the festival of light, with great pomp and pleasure. But, gradually, we are getting away from true pleasure- the pleasure of sharing, the pleasure of charity and the pleasure of affection. Just ask yourself a few questions:

  • Am I celebrating Diwali as a festival of JOY or as a festival of CRACKERS(which has adverse effect on everyone including environment)?
  • Do buying loads of sweets and then throwing it makes any sense?
  • Doesn't it make sense of spending our money for some worthy cause instead of polluting our mother earth?

        Yes, there’s a great need to answer these questions because it seems that the more we’re being educated the less we’re being aware of our social values. The more we’re earning the less we’re becoming kind and helpful. Let’s this year make a little bit change to our Diwali Celebration to make our society happier, healthier and safe. Let’s celebrate TruDiwali. 

What’s TruDiwali?

It is the celebration of the great festival Diwali with a pledge to make our society and our environment happier, healthier and safer.

How to celebrate TruDiwali?

  • Pledge yourself to burn crackers in least quantity. They cause more troubles (pollution, accidents) than happiness.The less you burn crackers the more you give relief to elders and patients. Also you save your environment(and our lungs too) from being filled with toxic gases.
  • Give gifts to your dear ones and sub ordinates to make them happy.
  • Celebrate this Diwali with less privileged children or NGOs(CRY, Smile Foundation etc.). Share your sweets & chocolates  with them. “True Happiness is found in giving.” So, become happier by sharing happiness. Bringing smile on someone’s face is far better than destroying nature.
  • Last but not the least. Persuade your friends, family and neighbours to celebrate TruDiwali. You may also put these points on your school/college/club notice board. 

Why TruDiwali?

Because of below reasons:

  • Wastage of Money, the same money can be used for noble cause.
  • Reduces Pollution(air and sound) which saves us and nature.
  • Reduces accidents.
  • Brings true happiness which is in giving and sharing.

Even if it is a bit difficult to follow all points but even if we are able to follow a some or at least the first one will make a lot of difference.

Happy TruDiwali :)

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