Joseph Kondro, who was convicted of the 1996 rape-murder of 12-year old Kara Patricia Rudd in Washington state, was given a "deal" whereby the Death Penalty was waived in exchange for also confessing to the rape-murder of 8-year old Rima Danette Traxler in 1985 and disclosing where he buried her.  But authorites were certain that Kondro also murdered 8 year old Chila Silvernails in 1982 and may have been involved in over 70 other cold cases during the 11 year span between Rima and Kara's murders.  The reason that prosecutors could not get Kondro to disclose any other murders and locations of the still missing children was, as Kondro put it, "two words - Death Penalty."  The "deal" applied only to Rima Traxler.  Kondro unexpectedly died in prison at age 52 without a deathbed confession. This Petition supports a "Rima's Law" that would not just "allow" but also "mandate" that  prosecutors and criminal defense lawyers offer convicted (and even suspected) serial abductors (as in cases of human trafficking and slavery), and serial killers of multiple children and multiple adults, a Life sentence and blanket waiver of the Death Penalty in exchange for confessions and verified locations of ALL of their victims' for the sake of their loved ones who wait to bring home those still missing.  "Rima's Law" has no great fiscal impact and would actually save costs for trials and for decades' worth of cold case investigations.

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