Here at Planned Parenthood of Maryland we have a very unfriendly reminder each year that the seasons are changing:  they call it “40 Days for Life” . . . we call it “40 Days of Harassment!”

This highly organized national effort lands in Baltimore each spring. 

They call themselves “sidewalk counselors” and they stand outside our health centers yelling at all who enter or walk by:  

To a husband with his wife for her pregnancy test:

“Be a man - stop your woman from killing your baby!”

To a woman coming for her annual wellness exam:

 “Abortion causes breast cancer and sterilization!”

To a volunteer greeter:

“You’re only here because you had an abortion and you don’t want to be the only one!” To a member of our staff:  “Get a real job.”

Sadly, these are actual quotes that make it clear the harassers have only one goal:  to intimidate patients and staff at Planned Parenthood health centers.

How can you help? Become a Blossoming Bud!

What is a Blossoming Bud? It's You! Every person who donates this spring gets their name on a printed Bud that will cover our street-front windows at our health centers across Maryland. 

You donate and our windows bloom with love for our patients.  They will see and feel your support every time they come through our doors.

Here's How it Works:

  •  You make a donation

  •  We add your name to the Blossoming Bud Windows at our health centers;

  •  If you want to stand with us in other ways, post a picture of yourself on our Facebook page or come by one of our health centers and we will take your picture and post it to Facebook; and,

  •  Then, visit our website, follow us on Facebook or Twitter @PPMaryland for updates as we grow support at Planned Parenthood health centers across Maryland.

Donate now and 100% of your gift stays in Maryland to help us provide life-saving breast and cervical cancer screening, birth control, STD tests and treatment, pap tests, sexuality education, and the real information and counseling our patients need and deserve.

It's spring – come blossom with us!

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