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Amanda Gilchrist
Amanda Gilchrist Campaign leader

To many killers are getting away with light sentences for animal cruelty. WE MUST TAKE A…Read More

Jeremiah Kirkwood and sons used pet cats to blood their killer dogs

Pet cats used to blood brutal killer dogs 14 Jan 2014 21:50 Father and sons admit animal cruelty after police find sick video Sick thugs who used stolen pet cats to blood their killer dogs have pleaded guilty to animal cruelty. Jeremiah Kirkwood and his sons Christopher and Wayne admitted causing unnecessary suffering to puppies, and owning…Read More
Amanda Gilchrist
Amanda Gilchrist Campaign leader

Scum like this can not get away with harming & killing animals

'Wicked' Belfast men behind vile animal cruelty walk free from court - BelfastTelegraph.co.uk

By Claire Cromie and Michael McHugh – 13 March 2014 Four Belfast men who admitted inflicting "one of the vilest examples of premeditated abuse" on animals ever seen in Northern Ireland have walked free from court after being handed suspended sentences. An east Belfast father and his two sons admitted allowing a cat to be torn to shreds by…Read More
Amanda Gilchrist
Amanda Gilchrist Campaign leader

another sicking comment by scum

the IRISH NEWS: Published 18/01/2014 - Police investigate Kirkwood's foul-mouthed tirade

the irish news
POLICE last night confirmed they are investigating a foulmouthed online tirade by a loyalist awaiting sentence for dog-fighting offences. Wayne Kirkwood pleaded guilty in what was described as one of the north's worst cases of animal cruelty ever brought to court. The Irish News yesterday revealed that despite admitting several charges,…Read More
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