Every day, every week, every month we kill 19 young adults on our roadways in the United States. If your between the ages of 15-24 in this country you are most likely to die a premature death in a motor vehicle collision.That is almost 7,000 young adults each year. We as a nation must step up and address this  NOW before we lose more young people to these sometimes senseless and careless choices. Why haven't we addressed this, because this is a fragmented dis-connect between states and we have not taken this on as a National ISSUE!!!! Our lawmakers from the county, state and national level need to GET ON this ISSUE. With all the love, respect and condolences to our children from Connecticut and the families for whom I pray for. These motor vehicle deaths are equilevant those children on a DAILY BASIS!!!!! Please help bring this to the attention to our Government and help bring stricter laws and education to the grassroots level...... I asked for 6,935 signatures as a reminder that is 19 LIVES x 365 DAYS and I asked for it to be signed by the end of 2013 because that will equal the number of lives we will have lost! Such a senseless tradgey.......I pray for all of us on the roads be safe, be smart and wear your seat belts!!!!!!

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