Anna Yates Elementary School has been developing and growing our school instructional garden program since we first recieved a small California Instructional Gardens grant in 2007-2008.

Until now, we have been fortunate in being able to continue funding our Garden Instructor's position through grants and donations.  However, the orginial grants are no longer available and direct donations have been insufficient to fund the program fully.  Hence, we are at a crossroads, where we must drastically reduce the program or find other funding sources.

Through hands-on learning in the garden:

1) Students experience food production as a part of their daily lives so that the food habits nurtured through these experiences will become an integral part of their lives.

2) Students develop awareness and understanding of life cycles and their own place in the natural environment through regular contact and work in the garden.

3) Students develop habits and attitudes from their ongoing work in the garden that will affect their lifelong health and well-being.

We are hopeful that we can continue enriching our students lives by providing outdoor learning experiences that will promote healthy living and eating.

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