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Tougher Laws For Animal Abuse

the story isso similar but the news is more humans are becoming aware to the innocents of the animals all around us. We the living being walking upright, redesigning the world are now able to see we are only a small part of life Important as we are to life we are also a detriment to the planet with our focus to DO, with our need to Accomplish at any cost. But Human beings are seeing the disaster, the loss of planet and life.. We can not redesign the planet we must enhance it as we all live within it. And I congratulate all who will read, all who will learn and know the time is here to bring balance to the delicate earth and the many types of life that share this planet. It is a courtesy shared with the fragility laid before us for thousands of years. But it is now we must take care of the animals our dogs cats and others because hve we forgotten who we are in the greater scheme of things depending on humans for their lives. and then to add abusive ways to the innocent ones, So read on and pick and choose for the humans who must hurt intentionally or not , the lesser ones in their care. God Bless them all.

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Lesley Freeman

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Tougher Laws For Animal Abuse

Looking through my home page on Facebook I saw a post of a man standing over puppy who was quietly lying in a small bowl looking scared, I tried to turn it off as I knew it was going to be horrible it was so fast, this man doused the puppy in petrol and set fire to it after it was blazing he threw a bucket of water over it and I could see the poor little thing was still alive its body was blackened with no fur, crying. I burst out crying, I tried to send this to the metropolitan police but the email kept coming back I tried the RSPCA same thing, I have this uploaded to my email address please can you tell me an email address where I can send it......My life will never be the same after seeing this terrible act.

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