USDA hiding information

  • Update #40

I feel like I am backed into a corner, can't get any information from the USDA or from APHIS they took all their records and are hiding them from the public. They are dropping the ball when it comes to the ferrets. It is like they just don't care if anyone…Read More

Helping the ferrets

  • Update #39

Since the USDA has closed their records to the public. There is no way to get information. Our only hope now is the upcoming election. We must get enough  signatures to get the ferrets on the Ballot. The upcoming election is our only hope right now. We need…Read More

We can't stop trying

  • Update #38

am very sorry but I have no new news on the ferrets FOIA is not giving anything out at this time. We have to get enough signatures for the upcoming election. We need to get on the ballot,at least that will be the first step, no one has ever made it to get on…Read More

Mid Term Election

  • Update #36

Please everyone sign, this mid term election could be big for us. We need to get on that ballot. Ferrets have no laws to protect them and they are not even listed as farm animals they are not listed at all. We need to make them see that they are exotic pets…Read More

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