the hidden files, what was in them?

  • Update #34

I am trying to find a way to get information on triple F Farms since they erased all their findings for the last couple of years. I feel like I am up against a brick wall. FOIA got all their information from the USDA and for some unknown reason they wiped…Read More

For the lives of the ferrets

  • Update #33

I have not and never will give up on any ferret that is suffering, I will fight as hard as I can until my dieing breath. But I cannot do this alone I need people lots and lots of people to stand behind me .This company I am fighting is very rich and has…Read More

Why I will Never Give Up On Them

  • Update #31

I am truly against Triple F Farms because they don't care about the animals they have in their care. When you have 6,000 ferrets to oversee you should have a vet on staff. They don't. When the animals are sick or are in pain you should call a vet. They…Read More

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