Update on April 03, 2013

  • Update #10

We thank God for whatever you are doing on behalf of saving Florence Nampijja, we appreciate your prayers, spreading the word and financial support. We are glad to update you that we have raised $2,480 on the $15,000 needed, and if we reach $10,000 she can…Read More

Update on March 26, 2013

  • Update #8

We thank God for your commitment to see that Florence Nampijja get operated soon as possible. We are glad to inform you that we have $2,450 raised on the $15,000 needed, as we have been sharing that if get $10,000 she can be operated and begin the medicines…Read More

Update on March 23, 2013

  • Update #7

WHAT IF GOD WANTS YOU TO TAKE AN EXTRA MILE. Today's evening while we were waiting to have our usual service with a beloved friend of our ministry from USA on live skype. We had Florence Nampijja brought up for prayers but when her mother explained what…Read More

Update on March 22, 2013

  • Update #6

Dear Treasured Friend This is to inform you that we are trusting God while waiting for any contribution towards Florence Nampijja, $2,400 raised on the $15,000 needed. But if we get $10,000 today tomorrow she get operated and begin the medicines under…Read More

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