My dearest friend, 

This April, Danny Gottleib, Steve Stenholt, and Lindsey Wanner will join up as team Sitar Wars, to partake in the Rickshaw Run Spring 2013, wherein we will drive a terrible, three-wheeled rickshaw 4,000 kilometers, all the way up the length of India. 

Beside the adventure and the chance to give our mothers more stress than they deserve, we're doing it to benefit the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation in its attempts to eradicate AIDS from the world, one mother and child at a time.  (Please note: due to deleting our old fundraising page, our total raised is $625 lower than it should be. See Update #1 below for more information.)

Every donation you give in support of our cause on this adventure will help EGPAF get closer to their goal. Plus, the happy thoughts of all your donations making the world a better, healthier place will keep us warm and smiling when we're huddled in a broken-down rickshaw in the middle of a downpour. 

We thank you deeply for anything you are able to give, and look forward to sharing all our adventures as we dodge traffic, monsoons, and Bengal tigers (probably). 

To follow us on our adventure, and for more information, check out our team page at

Sitar Wars 
(Danny, Lindsey, and Steve)

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