"Bigger than myself, [NJROTC] Cleveland is such a great place because outside of being a place that helped me develop my academics and leadership skills the school is vital to the St. Louis city community. Cleveland will present students with a lot of unique experiences and provide them with all types of educational and post secondary opportunities that students won't be able to find else where. Even the students who don't go to college or the military will have a positive experience on the community because of the values and discipline Cleveland instills [in it's students]." - Devin Owens

The impact NJROTC Cleveland has had on my son Devin is remarkable. Not only is he an exemplary leader in the community; he got accepted to the Naval Academy in Annapolis Maryland, which has a 5% acceptance rate. I know the education and experience he received from Cleveland NJROTC greatly contributed to his success.

This school provides life changing experienced for students and their families. Cleveland is responsible for developing model citizens, who are prepared for leadership in their schools, communities, and in their careers. Cleveland has 100% graduation rates, 95% attendance and meets Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) standards. 

Please sign the petition to keep Cleveland  NJROTC open and increase enrollment. It truly is  life changing for students who attend and their families.


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