Update on May 06, 2013

  • Update #5

To the Citizens of Eureka:  Pedestrian Safety in Eureka We hear about pedestrians getting hit because of drivers either going too fast or not paying attention.We need to start pushing for change. How many more people need to be killed before this topic is…Read More

Update on March 19, 2013

  • Update #4

Hey everyone, the Times-Standard is asking for everyone's opinion on the 'most dangerous intersection' in Eureka. "Do you drive, walk or bike in Eureka? Do you think the city has a most dangerous intersection? We would love to hear from you. Help inform…Read More

Update on March 12, 2013

  • Update #3

Here is today's Counsel Meting. H and I streets are addressed remotely 3/4 the way through. Many great ideas were brought up including all 3 of my 'solutions' . But in the end, things are looking good on the awareness factor.…Read More

Update on March 06, 2013

  • Update #2

We've met the second goal of 150! That means 150 people are more conscious and aware about the issues on two of Eureka's busiest streets. This is more than I could have ever imagined. I'm just going to point out that even though this is a petition to…Read More

Update on March 03, 2013

  • Update #1

Thank You everyone for your support! We are so very close to reaching our goal! And only in 36 hours! Keep spreading the word because once the goal of 100 is reached, it's being raised to 150! Click - Sign - Share Pedestrian Safety on H and I Streets in…Read More