My name is Erika Lim, a current a senior a Bayside High School, and this will be my fourth year in Key Club.  For three years, I was the most active member of my club and in my junior year I was honored to be nominated and selected to be one of two Key Club International representatives on The Eliminate Project Service Leaders in Philanthropy (SLP) Subcommittee.  This committee is formed of representatives from each branch of the Kiwanis Family to brainstorm ideas about social media, SLP campaign recognition, and regional events for the Eliminate Project. 

For those of you that do not know The Eliminate Project it is Kiwanis and UNICEF's partnership to raise $110 million by 2015 to eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus (MNT) .  (Please watch the video for more information!)  Many believe what Kiwanis is doing is impossible, but it really isn't as far-out as many people thing, because it only takes three tetanus shots to save a mother an her future babies.  And what you need to know is that each shot cost $0.60, so all it takes is $1.80 to this.  Think about what you can sacrifice from your everyday life to save a mother and her unborn child.  

Once I joined this committee, I have learned that I have the ability to change my world.  Being in Key Club I have done hundreds of walks and events benefiting charities, but I never actually know where the money goes to.  I hear it goes to cancer research, for example, but like everybody else, I don't seem to see the difference I make in the world.  But with The Eliminate Project I see the difference I am making every day, because slowly countries are eliminating MNT.  There are only 30 countries left with this horrible disease and I really can't wait to see it get to zero.  

My 18th birthday is March 21st, which is one month from now and I want to take this opportunity to raise US$324.00 which saves 180 lives, because everyone deserves a birthday.  

Keep in mind, every donation counts.  This is your present to me, and my present to The Eliminate Project! 

This is my one and only wish I have and I really hope that you will help me achieve my goal and make my 18th birthday a memorable one.

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