Spuermarkets and food manfacturers are passing on costs to consumers to have certain foods Halal certified. Most foods are not Halal branded. This is a deliberate act by supermarkets and supply chains. These foods range from chocolates to meat products. Unaware consumers are puchasing these products as well as paying for them to be certified. A list of some products is available at http://www.halalchoices.com.au/product_lists_halal.html

Muslims can have their food Halal certified at their own expense.

Sharia Law demands that animal products are to have their throats cut whilst still alive to comply with Halal certification instead of the legislated stun gun that is required to be used under the animal cruelty act. The RSPCA also has a petition demanding a stop to this practice on their website http://kb.rspca.org.au/What-is-halal-slaughter-in-Australia_116.html

Let your supermarkets, suppliers, MP's and the rest of our communities know that we will not accept forced Islamic infiltration onto our supermarket shelves. Sign this petition and boycott all Halal certified foods.

A lot of small steps in the right direction can lead to great progress

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