Anti-Semitic and racist attacks on Jewish schoolchildren in Denmark and Sweden must be stopped! The Danish and Swedish governments need to do much more to stop those criminal acts! Anti-Semitism Rising in Europe

After almost 70 years since last anti-semitic Nazi violense - we have to act and demand that our democratic governments and authorities put strong measures against the racism that exists in both our countrys!

  1. We demand that the harassment of adult Jews who visit synagogues stop!We demand that the harassment of mainly Jewish schoolchildren stop!
  2. We demand that the authorities in our countries, the police and the judiciary to fulfill its functions!

Please help us by signing the petion and also by sending mail to the Swedish and Danish governments. Thank you all!

Danish Government: [email protected]
Swedish Government: [email protected]

 Our Facebook group called  Stop forfølgelsen av danske jøder!

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