North Carolina is a great example of why this is important. Consider the following changes made since the voting rights act was struck down:

  • Requires a strict voter ID
  • Government issued student IDs are no longer acceptable
  • Cuts a week off early voting in the state (used by up to 70 percent of African-American voters in 2012)
  • Barred local election boards from keeping the polls open on the final Saturday before the election after 1pm
  • Eliminated same-day voter registration It opened up the precincts to "challengers" who can gum up the works at polling places and dissuade voters from showing up in the first place
  • Banned paying voter registration card circulators by the pieceIt eliminated pre-registration of 16- and 17-year-olds in the high schools
  • A voter who votes in the wrong precinct will have her whole ballot thrown out
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