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    We demand justice for all those american and international citizens whose privacy has been…Read More

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Breaking news about the NSA!

Federal Judge Rules Against N.S.A. Phone Data Program

WASHINGTON — A Federal District Court judge ruled on Monday that the National Security Agency program that is systematically keeping records of all Americans’ phone calls most likely violates the Constitution, and he ordered the government to stop collecting data on two plaintiffs’ personal calls and destroy the records of their calling history. …Read More

Facebook released their government surveillance report. Check it out.

Facebook gov surveillance report locked inside, er, Facebook • The Register

Win a top of the range HP Spectre laptop Facebook has released its first government transparency report, revealing – unsurprisingly – that once again India, the US and Blighty were the countries whose police were most likely to snoop on our online activities. Ironically, anyone wishing to actually access the data, at the time of writing,…Read More