John Lennon choose NYC as his home.  He lived in NYC from about 1970 to the time of his death in 1980.  The sculpture shows John wearing a "NEW YORK CITY" shirt leaning on a PEACE sign with some of his most famous song lyrics "cut" into the peace symbol structure. This sculpture embraces not only John Lennon as a man and a musician, but more so his message of PEACE.  While there are statues of John in Liverpool, Cuba, Spain, and Peru, there is none in New York City.  This statue, in particular, has the "grass roots" attention of people from around the world [See:  JOHN LENNON NYC STATUE PROJECT on Facebook].  We ask for your support as well and in so doing, a request of recognition and approval/endorsement from the officials of the City of New York.  We intend to approach the City officials and the family of John Lennon in order to obtain their support.  This petition will demonstrate the degree of support from the general public.  Remember, NYC is an "international city" and John Lennon's message of PEACE needs to remain in the forefront and in this image we hope to continue the concept for a long time.

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