Foster Your Dream will enrich the young lives of Foster Kids with anything you, and they, can dream of!

Remember all those little extras that you got as a kid?  A bicycle.  Music lessons. Karate lessons.  Trips to the Zoo.  Tickets to a concert or a sporting event. Special sneakers.  A Prom Dress?  Your parents gave these things to you.  So what about kids that don't have parents readily available to them?  In the Foster System they get what they needbut often the giving ends there.  Many would say that these kids get "three hots and a cot."  

By making their dreams come true now, we hope to make these children feel valued and send them on a path of becoming vital citizens who learn that giving, and giving back, is part of being a member of the American Family.

We match a Dream with an Opportunity.  We create Opportunities to teach Foster Youth to DREAM!  Please give what you can.  We appreciate every teeny to large donation.  Thank you!

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