David Shiffman
David Shiffman Campaign leader

The Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission is starting to implement the 2010 Shark Conservation Act, and they've proposed an amendment that would allow some finning of smoothhound sharks (Mustelus canis) in U.S. waters. This would be a huge step back in U.S. shark fisheries management…Read More

Earth Day is rapidly approaching. Please join me in taking this pledge to do something good for the environment in honor of Earth Day. …Read More

Save The World's Coral Reefs!

Bering Sea is home to millions of sea birds, whales, walrus, and fur
seals and more. But, it's also prime fishing grounds for our nation's
largest industrialized fishery, where more than a billion dollars of
seafood is hauled from the water each year. Greenpeace is pressuring North Pacific…Read More

David Shiffman
David Shiffman Campaign leader

The recent CITES meeting made history for many reasons, including the first time a commercially exploited species of shark was protected by the Convention. CITES COP16 was also noteworthy because of the extent that online outreach efforts were incorporated. This allowed interested citizens all over…Read More

Hello, everyone! In case anyone is interested in following along live
with the record-number of shark conservation proposals at CITES
(Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species) meeting, I've
prepared a guide to how to use twitter to do this. It includes important
hashtags and…Read More

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