A.s. Mijdaff
A.s. Mijdaff Campaign leader

Do you want to see how the world ends? what's the last day going to be?
هل تريد أن ترى كيف ينتهي العالم ؟ و كيف سيكون آخر يوم على الأرض

How it ends not the important thing here, the important is if it ends, then what?
ليس المهم كيف ينتهي العالم ، بل المهم إذا انتهى ، ثم ماذا ؟

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Dll Llb
Dll Llb Campaign leader

Hello everyone ..

First I want to thank you all for joining us here and support our cause. and I want to thank the creator of our cause Mr. "A.S. Mijdaff" ..

As you notice, we are trying to make a movie with the subject "Terror has no religion" ..
We want to include a Muslim, a Christian, and a…Read More

Dll Llb
Dll Llb Campaign leader

Assalamo Aleekom ..

First Thanks for joing our peaceful cause. But I think FB won't leave it that way! Our friend "Abdullah Bin Saud" ( aka Mijdaff Al Mijdaff ) the creator of this cause has been banned from FB!

When he was deleting the many people on his list that he did not know he got a notice…Read More

Dll Llb
Dll Llb Campaign leader

Dear Friends , Muslims and non-Muslims,

This group has kindly agreed to notify you on how you can help the Tibetans without leaving your computer. As you maybe know, Muslims(Uighurs) in China are very ill treated and are discriminated in several parts of China for the only reason that they believe…Read More

Dll Llb
Dll Llb Campaign leader

Please Join and support Islam ! BECOME A FAN..
بليز اشتركوا و ادعموا دينكم

these are two pages ,, we need u to join PLEASE
هذي البيجز نحتاج اشتراككم فيهم



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