The current UK government is about to send us into a third dip of recession whilst attacking the poor and small families, the big wigs and fat cats are not paying their dues. Getting away with millions of £GBP in tax evasion.

there are more people losing their houses in the UK than ever before and instead of attacking the work shy they attack the small family, disabled and recently unemployed due to the current governments own mistakes.

They have made slave labour OK again, putting normal workers into unsuitable supermarket jobs for less than minimal wage with corporations avoiding Tax.

If these companies and large corporations need people they probably should just employ them full time.

The government have caused the greatest of Austerity movements in the UK due to their constant incompetence.

Our government clearly looks after the rich as an elitist government and are doing very little for the normal British Family.

With taxes rising and disabled people actually passing away because of the policies, something has to be done. They have taken away education, they are fooling with the NHS until it reaches breaking point, even doctors are advising against the reform.

Even ex high ranking bankers have stated that our chancellor has hashed the job.

David Cameron himself is now white washing his wrong doings by trying to pull out of Europe  we can only assume he is clutching at straws to gain the UK voters confidence on a large issue.

Our Public services are being cut with taxes only rising. it is not only a giant kick in the teeth for our loyal police forces, ambulance and medical staff, fire services but an insult to their and YOUR intelligence. 

with crime rising, Mr Cameron would seem to urge us to defend ourselves.

Criminals continually get away with crime whilst the normal upstanding UK citizen would seem to be criminalised for defending themselves

The UK streets are about to become a dangerous place and our hospitals and brilliant medical staff unable to cope.

The opinion polls are clear WE DO NOT WANT THIS CURRENT COALITION 

and demand emergency public votes on the future of the UK 


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