South Africa have been shocked by the savage rape, disembowelment and murder of 17-year old Anene Booysen by 4 men on February 2nd. This young woman's basic human right - the right to life - was taken from her by another in a most inhumane way. Less then a week later Carmen van der Westhuizen was also brutally murdered.

 Crime and heinous murders like this is common in South Africa and we as ordinary citizens are appealing to the highest power to bring back the death penalty for criminals who have a disregard for life. The articles and details of her murder can be found here - and . 

We want the ultimate punishment. A life in prison where you get meals,  warm bed, phone calls, even the chance to study for free simply is not enough. We want justice for Anene. We want justice for all murder victims. We want to convey the message that people cannot take a life in South Africa without paying with yours.

We want the death penalty brought back to South Africa. We want justice for Anene Booysen. We want justice for Wilmientjie Potgieter.We want justice for Carmen van der Westhuizen.We want justice for all murder victims. We feel that as tax payers we have the right NOT to pay for a murderer's lifestyle in jail for the rest of his/her life. We want people to know that if you take a life in South Africa, your life will be taken. The tragic death of Anene Booysen will not be in vain. We will take a stand and let our voices be heard that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!This is the only way to make murderers think twice before taking a life. If we can stop one murder from happening because the perpetrator will be too scared to get the death penalty,then our mission is accomplished. Today we will stand together against the killing fields in our mother land.

Update : 11/02/2013 .I have decided that I'm going to edit the petition's name to just ' Bring back the death penalty in South Africa' as most people question why just for the murderers for Anene and other say that I'm using her name to get people to sign for it. 

Anene is the inspiration for this petition and to her it will be tributed. But after I have just seen this -

I have realised that so many have suffered, that you cannot put a name to a cause because this affects so many people everyday. This is for the women originally represented in this petition. This is for the farm murders.The silent genocide.This is for every innocent man,woman and child that we as human kind have the right to protect.

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