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Matt Wilson
Matt Wilson Campaign leader

Here is a nice piece in the ny times that describes the current situation.

America’s Cup Sailing Race Faces Challenges in San Francisco

Jim Wilson/The New York Times New Zealand’s team practicing in San Francisco Bay, site of this year’s America’s Cup yacht race. More Photos » SAN FRANCISCO — Victory in the America’s Cup of 2010 gave Larry Ellison, the tech titan who had spent hundreds of millions of dollars trying to capture sailing’s ultimate prize, the right to set the rules…Read More

Larry Ellison's race cost San Francisco $5.5 million dollars!

Larry Ellison's Billionaire Yacht Race Cost San Francisco $5.5 Million

S Turning an entire region into a playpen for rich technologists sounds good on paper, sure, and everyone with a view of the water loves a good boat race—but at what cost? Five and a half million dollars to Californian taxpayers. That's the cost! The San Francisco Chronicle crunched the numbers, and they are not good: San Francisco is still…Read More
Matt Wilson
Matt Wilson Campaign leader

He can't even play by the rules. Here is a $250,000 fine for cheating that could have gone into fixing up our roads or schools in San…Read More

Larry Ellison's America's Cup fight just got tougher

Larry Ellison's Oracle Team USA is fighting to defend its America's Cup trophy after being dinged for making illegal modifications to the team's 2012 yacht. NEW YORK (CNNMoney) Larry Ellison made $96 million last year as CEO of Oracle. So a $250,000 fine levied this week against his Oracle Team USA yacht racing team won't make a dent. But…Read More
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