The following is exactly how I will determine how to vote in all the up coming elections. If you agree, then copy it and send it to your leaders:

  This is exactly how I am going to vote in this next election:1. I am going to obtain a list of every single person that is running for any position or being reconfirmed.2. I am going to research every single person based upon their history of how they stood on issues.3. I am not listening to a single thing that the News says or writes about any candidate.4. I will base how I vote on How close the person's stand comes to The United States Constitution as our Fore-fathers wrote it.(The is Pro-Life, Pro-marriage between a man and a woman, and The amendments as written in the Constitution without adding or taking away from what is written in the Constitution.) 5. I will not contribute any money to any Organization that tries to influence voters and I will not take polls.6. What I do find in my research will freely be shared with my friends and anyone else that requests it.7. Godly moral values will be what I am looking for with no compromise.


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