In a blatant attack on the free press, Sarah Huckabee Sanders and the Trump Administration revoked the press credentials of well-respected reporter, Jim Acosta, in retaliation for his difficult questions about the refugee caravan. 

To support this unprecedented act of executive censorship, Sanders released a doctored video of Acosta's confrontation with the President, in which he appears to push away an intern that is attempting to seize the mic from him. The video Sanders shared has been shown to have been deliberately and maliciously edited and sped up to make Jim Acosta appear as though he is pushing away the intern, when in reality, his arm simply touches the intern's arm as she attempts to grab the mic from him and stop his line of questioning.

We cannot stand by as Trump and his administration attempt to silence their critics and intimidate them into submission. We must let them know we are watching and we stand with the members of our free press who serve as a vital check on an increasingly authoritarian president.

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