With 10 years of experience in community development, young Rwandans initiated Journey House Africa – a non-profit, non-religious, apolitical and non-governmental association – as a major solution to the chronic issues that the Rwandan community is facing.  Their vision is to build an inclusive environment for the foundation of sustainable social welfare and the economic development of vulnerable communities.

After the suffering of Rwanda due to the worlds worst tragedy of the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi, so many were displaced, so many became orphans, poverty levels rose due to economic devastation, acute famine and other community problems developed, and the populations were left helpless.

The vision of Journey House Africa was forged based on our shared feeling of selfless concern for the welfare of others - especially the most vulnerable groups of people, and is thus committed to finding and implementing effective solutions to ending the never ending crisis poor children face everyday.

Please help us support these children !

Thank you

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