Each adult has made the statement,  has the mind set to believe to be a fact that "Our youth are our future!" When in fact we as an adult community body has let each of them down by not standing up for what is right, we all knows what is right, but the thing is doing the right thing towards our youth as far as their educational system..

We as adult has allow a system that was created for our youth welfare to, let each of them down. There are no longer too many people or should I say adults in the community that is willing to be mentors too many of our youths saying; "They are not my concern and surly not my children.

There is currently no longer any places they can go that is safe and where they can learn a trade or learn something positive to do within the community. No longer do many of our churches have a youth night or activities during the week that our youths can attend; so to me "Our youth are our future!" is a joke.

If this was the case we as a community of adults would be making a better life and creating a better learning environment for our youths if not for any thing else but to look out for our own adult hood future because if we are not doing the right thing by our youth, why should they looked out for us during the stages of old aged..

Stop the powers to be from closing our public schools and voice that they help to create better public schools

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