Three years without my baby

  • Update #31

It has been three years since Bandfield  refused to help my baby and  he had to be put down and I miss him as much today as I did the day he went on. Even worse they are still in business have killed many other babies and no one cares mainstream media never…Read More

Remembering Spike

  • Update #30

Today as is sit down to write I am amazed that Bandfield is still open. Why is it no one cares that this company hurts and kills pets. Everyday without my love bug is a day my heart is a bit more broken. Some may say he was just a pet move on but he was…Read More

spike isnt forgotten

  • Update #27

It has been a year since my baby died I miss him so much and to know Bandfield is still in business makes me so sick. I will not close the petition the more people who know what Bandfield does the better. You didn't die in vain lovebug I will never stop…Read More

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